Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A figure in the act of devotion symbolizes the conquest of faith.

It is a sign that a or trial will come to you and your powers of will be sorely tried. If you stand firm you win through to victory.

It is quite a rare symbolism to gain within a tea leaf reading. It indicates feeling secure, happy and contented life. It can also suggest that you deserve equal respect to express yourself with another.

Symbol: heart in a circle.

The sign of devotion indicates that it may be time to marry your love. As we have already concluded it is a symbol of a heart in a round circle.

Detailed meaning of the devotion tea leaf symbol

Let's now look at the individual position if this symbol appears within your tea leaf reading.

Top of teacup: if the devotion symbolism is representative within the top of the teacup indicates excitement in a relationship. Even better, it can suggest an engagement or possible marriage.

Middle of teacup: the devotion signed within the middle of the teacup indicates that every time you try to communicate with your partner or friends it will be an enjoyable time.

Bottom of teacup: this suggests that “devotion” will shower your life.

You will be devoted to a career in progress very well. The symbol within the bottom of the teacup suggests that you may feel supported by number of people to undertake training. You will be devoted to this task.

The sign in a tea leaf reading is associated with happiness and bliss. The devotions sign can also be associated with care and consideration of others.

By Florance Saul
Mar 30, 2013