Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

For the Devil to appear in your tea leaf reading is a suggestion that evil influences have taken over.

It is equally important to recognize that not only have these influences perfected your decisions in life they have also represented other people's actions towards you. Generally speaking, the devil presents the way you feel about change.

As Capricorn is the Devil's ruling sign, the particular Devil is symbol concerning aspirations, regarding dedication and also effectiveness. This is actually the mountain goat in which aims to get only the best as well as all that he can from life.

Like a particular person, the Devil can easily represent a man or woman of income or perhaps sexual strength, intense, managing, or simply convincing.

This is not to state a poor person, but certainly a powerful individual who is difficult to face up to.

The actual tea leaf drinker has to watch themselves otherwise these people end up seeking a powerful person that will offer lot's of things, but they will all come at a price! On the other hand, the tea leaf drinker might find by themselves playing the "Devil", egging other folks on, actively playing puppet master.

This, also, can become their own persona. Thus, the actual enthusiast and also the person who is the pusher can produce a co-dependent romantic relationship that's not healthy.

Most symbol's need balance, oneness, discipline, yin-yang. Not this symbol. Most symbols have a different meaning top, middle and bottom, not this one! The particular symbol is to the contrary a wake up call, which revels within well as losing control.

The devil in a tea leaf reading is normally shown as the goat symbolism.

The devil also has two horns. Anything that resembles the devil in your teacup suggest that you should take note. The devil is representative of being blocked in life. Perhaps you feel some difficulty in life.

The devil is a negative symbol, it can suggest that you have felt insecure. The devil in the tarot reading often indicates dishonesty. We should go and look at the literal meaning of the devil within - not only the tarot but the occult also. If the devil appears anywhere in your teacup then it is important to take note of the position.

The devil indicates feeling embarrassed awkward about a situation with others. The devil itself can also represent a person in life.

Detailed meaning of the devil tea leaf symbol

Let's now consider the position of the devil within your tea leaf reading.

Top of teacup: if the devil is in the top of the teacup position this suggests that you're going to encounter somebody who will be dishonest and not have your best interests at heart.

Middle of teacup: the devil in the middle of the decomposition denotes misfortune and difficult events in the near future. It can often symbolize a person that will try to take your self respect.

The devil in the bottom position of the teacup: if the devil appears on the bottom of the tea cup position this suggests that you should stop, look and listen in life.

There exists a effective debate that this is the most potent as well as harmful symbol to materialize in your tea leaf cup. From its worst, it's the symbol of the addict or the stalker, totally preoccupied, enslaved, persistent. In the very best, this is giving you the advice to cut lose from all previous negative feelings. Start a new!

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012