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The cymbal indicates broken promises and insincere love. Advises caution in love affairs.

A cymbal is often found in musical instruments. It is important for us to consider what music means in a teacup - if we're going to review the tea leaf reading. So we have already concluded that the symbol is a musical instrument. So what does this mean if we find it within your tea leaf reading? Music is a common symbol of death. If we think about the Pied Piper as well as the tale of the harpist we can see that music is represented in many legends and folktales.

The cymbal of music within your tea leaf cup is associated with great complexity. It also indicates that we are likely to encounter some new ideas. Music in any sense indicates rhythm, notes and also tone of natural life. Music is really like mathematics in that it has a serial of patterns. To see a symbol of music / and a musical note in tea leaf terms means possible riches. It is important for us to understand what this symbol means - from a tea leaf reading perspective.

Detailed meaning of the cymbal tea leaf symbol

To see a cymbal at the top of your cup: There are many legends that surround music. It is interesting when it appears on the top of the cup position it indicates that you need to move forward with life and do not let other people get in your way. This cymbal can also represent inferior or undeveloped characteristics within your personality.

Middle of cup: The middle of the cup position the cymbal indicates that you may encounter a surprise in life. There are certain passions which are slow and dull. But at other times these will sway you into action.

Bottom of cup: This sign in the bottom of the cup’s position is favorable. It indicates a romantic and idealistic person. You are an object of somebody's affections and somebody could be disciplined this bitterly disappointed with you going forward if you do not show them the same affection.

In conclusion the cymbal has many different meanings depending upon the position within the teacup. The most important advice that you should take from this reading - is that you should trust your own feelings and be strong willed going forward.

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013