cylinder tea leaf meaning

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A cylinder is quite an interesting symbol to find in your tea leaf reading it indicates that new beginnings are taking form.

The cylinder, depending on the position in the teacup signifies that you may be floating against your will.

It is time to take hold of life at the reins and take control over matters that are close to you. It can also suggest that a bizarre event will occur.

The cylinder in mathematical terms is normally three-dimensional. However, in the tea leaf reading is the cylinder is often two-dimensional. It is important to recognize whether the symbol is solid or you can just see an outline of a cylinder shape. For one to see the solid cylinder indicates possibly happy times ahead. An empty cylinder suggests that there is a lot that you need to do to fill your life. It is rather symbolic in nature!

Detailed meaning of the cylinder tea leaf symbol

It is important now to look at the cylinder position in your teacup.

The cylinder in the top position of your tea leaf reading: the top position indicates that you have been feeling empowered. This is a great sign! It indicates that you need to release any difficulties emotionally. It is a very common symbol to have in the tea leaf reading.

It can be represented by a small, medium or large cylinder. It can suggest that you are feeling frustrated because you cannot move above in life but the cylinder within the top position means opportunities will come your way.

Middle of cup: to see the cylinder in the middle position of the teacup indicates that you have the power. If this power prevents you from moving on higher in life - then consider ways to adapt in order to move a situation along in life.

Bottom of teacup: this to appear in the bottom of the cup suggests that you are going to have empowerment and freedom in life. This is a positive omen.

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013