cup tea leaf dictionary

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Denotes an offering. A sacrifice which brings its own reward. Whether of joy or sorrow will depend on the attendant symbols.

The cup / chalice is representative in many avenues within the occult. It is seen in the tarot’s cards as well as in spiritual rituals.

The cup is often known as a chalice which represents both war and peace. It can also represent the masculine and female principles. If we look at the cup in its literal sense it can indicate heaven and earth which represents the spirit and natural world in which the crucifixion was brought together as one.

It is possible for us to think about why the cup has been shown in your tea leaf reading. There are different pairs of opposition in play if the cup is in any position within the tea leaf reading. The essential symbolism of the cup itself indicates peace in life.

Detailed meaning of the cup tea leaf symbol

To see the cup at the top of the cup: this indicates a spiritual correspondence. The symbolism is directly related to its literal sense it can symbolize both life itself and the possibility of moving forward in life from a spiritual perspective.

Middle of the tea cup: for a cup to be seen as a symbol in the middle of the teacup indicates you will encounter sinister characters. It is important to protect yourself but on the same degree you will survive and you will become the best at what you do.

Bottom of teacup: for the cup to appear in the bottom position indicates that this is a symbol of your soul. Everything in life will happen for a reason and it is important for you to understand this.

Scattered cup in your teacup: to see a scattered cup indicates you must break down events in order to understand why they are happening. You may encounter somebody who is trying to control your life and will not let you get free. The most important part of this is to understand that you do have a “get out clause.” Make sure that you can plan your escape well.

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013