Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Any form of the solid as a cube, sphere, pyramid, etc., shows realization of your projects and aims and a certain degree of steadiness in your for­tunes.

A cube in the tea leaf cup suggests that you may have hurt that has overshadowed your life for some-time.

It is important to recognize that the cube is associated with protection. You have erected a protection barrier around yourself. This was to simply defend yourself in times of difficulty. Perhaps you have wondered how to overcome this?

The cube itself will be square in nature and three-dimensional. It is very rare to find the symbol within your tea leaf reading.

On a more positive note, it suggests that you should try to release any grief and anger that you have inside. Make sure that you put on a welcoming smile when other people are around. The cube the position is extremely important because there is generally a different meaning for each position.

Detailed meaning of the cube tea leaf symbol

Let's for now look at the position of the queue.

The cube in the top of the teacup: to see the cube in the top position of the teacup suggests that you may release grief that you have hidden behind a smile for a long time. We have touched on this within the introduction of this symbol. Try to help everybody that asks. Go with the positive traits in life and make sure that you can understand the hidden secrets of others.

Middle of teacup: the cube in the middle position of the teacups address that you may feel some fear or loss. It. You're now ready to move on in life and this fear and loss will not be part of your future life.

Cube in the bottom position of your teacup: in the bottom position the cube indicates that something in life is about to unfold. Just like the butterflies wings something in life will make you feel good and happy and positive. Don't try to keep yourself thinking about past failures, it is important for you to move on in life and think about the great things in the future.

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013