Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A symbol of suffering and application to duty in the face of great temptations and difficulties.

You will be asked to make some sacrifice for the good of those beloved by you, and will do it. Your present projects will show losses and disappointments. You will have much need for courage and faith.

The cross is always suggestive of suffering. In the clear (if nothing is around the cross) it is indicative of troubles that can be overcome by perseverance and faith. At the bottom, great trials. Two crosses, severe affliction.

If we look at the modern interpretation of the cross there are many characteristics and dangers that we "as a society" are losing our own faith and life. There are many tea leaf dictionaries that denote the cross indicates that you will be spiritually aware.

Despite the wide influence the cross is seen as a symbol of faith. The cross is also associated with one of the most universal symbols in history. It is connected to Christianity. As a basic rule it appears in a tea leaf reading to have significant symbolic meaning.

Many societies pray over the cross and it is connected to religion. The cross is also seen as symbolic of the four astral elements of: water, fire, earth and air. A cross is also associated with axes from which the four points radiate. This could be height, width, length and also breath. There are many positions the cross can take within a tea leaf reading. It could be sideways or upside down. We all know that Jesus Christ was crucified on the cross, in this sense the cross is also a symbolism of resurrection of eternal life.

If we look at Greek mythology the Tau cross is associated with the Greek letter T. This was generally a symbol of life to the ancient Egyptians. If you see a circle next to the cross this indicates that you will have eternal faith.

Let’s for now consider the initial placement of the cross:

Top of cup: this indicates that you have much faith in life - you hope for a brighter tomorrow. You are creative and peace will shower your life. Remember to think about things deeper. The cross carries force, strength, hate and slaughter. But this is all positive.

Middle of cup: for the cross to be placed in the middle of the cup indicates that someone will be drawn to you in business and creative pursuits. You are mentally curious and have an interest in many things but are inclined to wander in life.

Bottom of cup: at the bottom the cross symbolizes that you will have peace for eternity.

Scattered: if scattered the cross indicates that decisions will need to be made. You have been trying to balance opposing principles. This position also do note that you will undertake a journey. Maybe you need to confront a decision that has been made on your behalf.

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013