Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

This symbol is very unfortunate and shows that you are in the presence of enemies who seek your undoing and dishonor.

You cannot be too wary or careful in your dealings. If engaged in public work you may expect much opposition and rivalry and will need all your powers to overcome your enemies.

The crocodile is a rare symbol found in your teacup, it can be associated with new beginnings and a zest for life.

A crocodile presented within the tea leaf reading indicates a new start and that people have been an issue, the power the crocodile is also important to recognize. The crocodile in one's tea leaves can also represent a difficult person that will cause conflict for others. The most important factor in seeing such a symbol within a tea leaf reading is that someone is going to offer a gift to you.

Detailed meaning of the crocodile tea leaf symbol

Crocodile in the top of teacup: you are looking at how you project yourself in life, do you manage to get by in life? What have you achieved that others want? The crocodile is significant as it is associated with how we are viewed as an adult. The crocodile in the middle of the teacup indicates enemies are near. Sometimes you find it very difficult to relax and enjoy life.

Middle of teacup: the middle of the teacup position indicates that somebody is acting like a child around you. Possibly they are acting the clown, they are just going to muck about. This could be in the love interest or a work context.

Bottom of teacup: the crocodile appearing at the bottom position of the teacup suggests that you will have visualizations and understand different parts of life better. This could be in any time frame. The bottom of the cup generally signifies something that will happen in the longer term alternatively something that will happen throughout your life.

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013