Cranium Symbol In Tea Leaves

What does Cranium symbol mean in tea leaves

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings



So you could see a skull in your tea leaf cup?


The cranium in tea lead dictionary terms means an awakening. This cross is often a symbol of transition. Everything in life has a beginning middle and an end. The skull  is often associated with earthly beings.


If we look to saints such as St Mary Magdalene, St Jerome and St Frances of Assisi these saints are  portrayed as hermits with a skull representing their death. A skull that has a cross near it (on on top of it) indicates the famous cross and bones. This cross can also symbolise a pirates flag. So what happens if we see this symbol within your teacup?


Top of teacup: in the position of the top of the teacup the school represents new beginnings and hopes and dreams. The skull is often associated with the occult and essentially new beginnings, hopes and fears and also a new start in life.


Middle of teacup: appearing in the middle position of the teacup suggests that people have relied on you too much. If this skull is in a an upright position this suggests new beginnings which will be financially stable.


Bottom of teacup: the skull in the bottom of the teacup denotes new beginnings within the next 12 months.  It is good news if you see the skull in this position.


Scattered:  It is a great omen to have in your teacup if scattered. This indicates that your original feelings in life will soon change there is somebody that will be looking for your advice going forward and it is important for you to actually offer the best advice that you can. As the skull is connected to a peaceful outcome your advice could actually help the situation greatly.


Possible reasons you may get the skull in your tea leaf reading.


  • There is new beginnings on the horizon.
  • Somebody requires your advice.
  • You need to feel more awake and spiritually.
  • Good times are ahead.

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