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This symbol is an indication of wealth and general prosperity, and also denotes a steady and peaceful existence.

It denotes the present likelihood of new developments which will be entirely successful and will end in a state of independence if pursued to the end. You will be called upon to make some subscription or donation. Pay yourself respect in order to gain fortune. This is always a sign of prosperity—more of less according to the position in the cup. The head of the cow is turned away from the handle, which inti­mates the home, your success lies in wider fields.

The cow symbol is common for those that seek prosperity.

Men can be nourished by the cow and they can also prosper. The cow is also a sacrifice. Cow is also a word that we frequency news in order to represent a female person. The cow is also relates to a goddess. In the occult, the cow is a maternal animal. The milk is given to the population. We talk about the cow as a mother of small children. The cow can represent the symbol of the person that "cares" for others, the person that nurtures other people, the provider in life and finally a symbol of feminism.

The cow can be seen in many avenues within the occult. Lets for now look at Hathor - the Egyptian goddess who is “cow eyed”  she was known as the cow goddess but was in human shape. The name of Hathor in its literal sense means the “House of Horus.”  

Drifting back to the tea leaf interpretation of the symbol we can see that it denotes happiness and nurturing of children.

Top of teacup: at the top of the teacup the cow is representative of the bull’s mother. It can denote happiness and contentment.  If a bully is also represented within the teacup it can suggest a search for something in life.  this could be spiritual or material.

Middle of the teacup: to see the symbol of the cow in the middle of the teacup suggests that we must change as people. There may be a period of change connected to a new home or job.

Bottom of tea cup: for the cow to appear at the bottom of the teacup indicates that you have pie in the sky ideas. This is relevant because the name Hathor also means my house is in the sky. Obviously we have already established that Hathor is the goddess of cows.

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