Cot tea leafs

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A child's cot denotes new projects and fresh enterprises and a general change in your affairs if broken or dilapidated, it shows trouble coming.

A dove cot indicates domestic and social happiness, retirement and peaceful existence, close friendships and much comfort. A cot within your tea leaf reading suggests a baby. The cot is very similar meaning to the crib cradle meaning. Therefore, there is no point in creating a different interpretation, as they all mean the same thing possible baby!

We will now move on to the interpretation of cradle. A cradle at the top of the cup indicates the arrival of a stranger. In the clear, a birth. At the bottom and thick, sickness to children.

To see a cradle within your reading was a similar meaning as the crib symbol. If you saw either a crib or a cradle then you should really look up the interpretation of both. The difference between a crib and cradle that the mother rocks the cradle. The symbolism indicates that new quality is on the horizon.

You tend to go the whole hog with things in life. It is it is associated with a new birth but this new birth can be a baby itself or alternatively the birth of a new project. There is nothing more annoying than someone saying I wanted to start something, and then never following through with it. So don’t be that person! There is also sense of being vulnerable and possibly in vain if the cradle is upside down. It means that you are not open to new ideas or new beginnings. Let's for now look at the specific position of the cradle within your tea leaf reading.

Detailed meaning of the cot tea leaf symbol

Top of teacup: To see the crib denotes a baby soon, this symbol is also associated with a fresh start in life. It indicates you are usually happy and content with your partner. There is a focus on endless curiosity which will make you more ideal in the minds of others. Perhaps you have been bored recently? If so, it is important to make sure that you meditate in order to find your goal or meaning in life.

Middle of teacup: For the crib to appear in the middle position indicates that a baby is likely in the future. It also suggests that you are showing typical signs of a child. If we look at children they have enthusiasm and determination. There is always an undercurrent of impatience, this is the type of traits that you are showing right now.

Bottom of teacup: A cradle in the bottom position of a tea cup is indie indicates performance. This can be performance at school or at work. Perhaps it indicates losing a place of standing. There is a focus on competitiveness.

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013