Corner tea leaf

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A square angle shows dangers that are unforeseen in your path, and need for care at important junctures, if you are to avoid disaster.

You are now faced by difficulties, but with forethought and prudence you will overcome them. An obstacle at the outside of angle shows disaster.

A corner in the tea leaf is basically two lines which are diagonal. We are all aware of what a corner is that no tea leaf reading this can appear as a shaped V. Therefore, if you see the shape of a V the interpretation here is applicable. The symbol in tea leaf readings represents new beginnings.

One could be aware that life is all about learning. It also suggests that you are rather confident and you can sometimes take the role of teacher to many people. If a corner appears anywhere in your tea leaf cup is suggest that you give great advice to other people.

You could even have a new position in terms of career. Maybe you will be the one teaching others. Possibly even a counselor. This symbol suggests that you feel at peace with life. The corner is representative of being settled and wise. The actual position of the corner within your tea leaf reading is also important and should be understood.

Detailed meaning of the corner tea leaf symbol

The corner appearing at the top of the teacup: To see the corner at the top of the deep cup indicates that you're not feeling you have time and space to yourself at home. This can be a great indicator of feeling rather stressed out in life. The corner as we have already touched on represents that you are a great teacher. It indicates that you need to take time out in order to find peace in life.

Middle of teacup: The corner appearing in the middle of the teacup indicates that you are wearing or carrying your heart on your hand. Other people might other people may take advantage. It is important that when people ask you for advice, you give that advice you do not give your emotions away.

Bottom of teacup: The corner appearing in the bottom position indicates that forthcoming events will be enjoyable. There is a person or situation that feels threatened by you. This may be because your life seems peaceful and stress free, this person will likely ask for your advice and it is important for you to give advice. Always view people as friends when the corner appears in the bottom position can also suggest a minor sickness or illness.

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013