compass tea leaf dictionary

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The magnetic compass is a sign of traveling, or, in any event, a wandering life, which is changeful.

A compass within the tea leaf reading is associated with direction!

It indicates that you need to choose a path in life and follow through with it. A compass can also signify that somebody in life cause you distress.

This person isn't even worth it. Sometimes it is difficult when we are surrounded by people that we do not like. Generally, the people that we don't like in life are normally the ones we have been closest to. Perhaps you thought that somebody was a true friend and they are not. Or worse, you feel they are your soul-mate but then turns out to be dishonest.

Okay, this may seem harsh but it is important to understand the in life we make mistakes. The compass in the tea leaf perspective represents the direction of life.

The compass consists of the four points north, south, west, and east. It may be difficult to see in the tea leaf cup which way the compass is pointing. The actual direction of the compass doesn't really have any real meaning.

It is simply a symbol to say that it is time to move on in terms of direction. We are all aware of life's continual learning process and the compass is a reminder that we need to choose a direction in life. Let's for now look at the specific position of the compass.

Detailed meaning of the compass tea leaf symbol

Compass appearing in the top of the teacup: the compass to appear at the top of the teacup indicates that you are feeling more peaceful with yourself, more settled and happy. It can suggest that if you take on a new path in life you will be happy again perhaps more so than you are now. This is positive position and also indicates that the new direction will present itself quite soon.

Middle of cup: for the compass to appear in the middle of the position suggest that you should embrace change in your life. It means change will happen. Do not be surprised at how rapid different opportunities will come your way. The compass in this position means that throughout your life you will encounter many different opportunities.

Bottom position of teacup: the compass appearing at the bottom position of the teacup suggests that smooth transition will take place. Make sure that you pick your choices wisely there is different directions that you will encounter going through life.

In conclusion, the compass symbol in a tea leaf reading is related to a new path of life and direction.

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013