Cockatoo Symbol In Tea Leaves

What does Cockatoo symbol mean in tea leaves

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

cockatoo tea meaning


To see any cockatoo can be a symbol of extreme feelings.

This is an indication that somebody is actually harmful. It is a symbol of an overreaction with a discord or conflict. Your placement of the cockatoo signifies the time period of when you are likely to encounter this. It can also be an indication that you could become overreacting with a scenario within your current life.

A big cockatoo is an indicator that others will get involved in this particular discord. Make sure that this conflict allows you to manage things in the future. This particular symbol is also associated with being frightened of a long-term goal. It's a apparent sign letting you know you should trust in oneself.

Inside your teacup you can have:


  • Seen the actual cockatoo.
  • Seen more than one cockatoo.


 Meaning of the actual cockatoo inside your cup...

Top of teacup: a situation that needs a fragile approach is presented by a cockatoo on top of your cup.
Lines are damaged: when the cockatoo line's are not constant this means you will be successful however the likelihood of having what you require are limited.
Cockatoo flying: this means you should consider people around you. This is actually the ideal possibility to demonstrate your own commitment. Additionally, it concentrates on winning any fight.
Bottom of teacup: for this symbol to be presented at the bottom of the teacup can be a suggestion of new options and also how brand new beginnings can occur. To really make it easy a person has had plenty of options knocking your doorway however, you weren't able to fulfil any of them.

Small cockatoo: a small symbol signifies an improvement.

Large cockatoo: a fear of the unknown - things will be better in the end.

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