Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A clock represents time.

Appearing in your tea leaf reading is an indication that you need to ensure that you make use of your time in this position and is also a suggestion that sometimes you wait for days before starting something new.

Perhaps you are in a job you don't enjoy or you find it difficult to communicate with other people.

There is an indication that the clock can also suggest that you feeling very tired. This is the only element that you need to take it easy and it is time to relax.

In your teacup you could have

  • Seen a clock.
  • Seen more than one clock.

Meaning of the clock in your tea leaf reading

  • Top of teacup: if the clock symbol is at the top of your tea leaf reading it is a suggestion that you are not very good at keeping your promises. It suggests that it is time to give up on a hobby or relationship which is not seen to be providing you with any joy. This position also suggest that you are being a difficult situation in regards to work. It's time that you stood up for yourself and try to get along better with others.
  • Middle of teacup: this tea leaf reading suggests that your vital energy is diminishing. The clock is a suggestion that it is time to rest there is also a possible family conflict.
  • Bottom of teacup: for this to appear in the bottom position it means you must avoid delay for the future.
  • Clock is surrounded by dots: money trouble is predicted ahead.

This symbol is a warning that "time flies " and waits for no man. Be attentive, therefore, to the needs of the hour and the duties of the day that is. Eternity is made up of moments and is itself the moment of Being. Your purpose in Life should be momentous. You are warned that time is short and that " life, like a dome of many colored glass, stains the white radiance of eternity."

If the clock should be at the top of the cup and quite clear a speedy recovery from severe sickness.

At the bottom of the cup, there may be news of a death.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012