Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

This symbol denotes a position of trust and affluence.

It indicates satisfaction and success in all your present undertakings and promises a position of greater distinction than that you now occupy. It denotes a change of estate and a new occupation or some fresh interest which will be entirely successful.

As a chair symbolizes material wealth It is a great omen within the tea leaf reading, chairs are associated with successful undertakings. There has however been issues and problems that require movement in life. The chair represents stillness and quiet contemplation.

Have you felt worried about others? Do you feel that somebody is flash with their material possessions? In order to understand the direct meaning of seeing a chair within your tea leaf reading let's now look at the position of the symbol.

Detailed meaning of the chair tea leaf symbol

Top of cup: if the chair appears in the top position then this indicates that you may find difficulty which will affect your happiness in life. You should guard against any sudden attachments have no real base. as we have already mentioned the chair is a positive omen. Indeed, there may be difficulties but these will soon be resolved.

Rim of teacup: if the chair appears on the rim of the teacup then this is a suggestion that hard work is required in order to gain material wealth.

Middle of teacup: in the middle of the teacup position the chair is associated with generosity. One will be richly rewarded if they are kind to others. On a more negative front, there is a small risk of deceitful revenge.

In life there are many different types of chairs. This includes dining table chairs, electric chairs and also chairs within modes of transport. In essence, the chair is a symbol of comfort. In life perhaps you’ve become too comfortable.

It is imperative you sit down and listen to others. If you can see a table within the tea leaf reading this is often connected to new beginnings.

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013