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Cereal Symbol In Tea Leaves

What does Cereal symbol mean in tea leaves?

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

cereal tea leaf meaning


Cereal in a teacup can be: barley, corn or any other type of farmed food.

Seems cereal indicates a harvest. We all understand that farmers grow cereal in the land in order to make food products such as bread. So what does this mean in the literal sense in terms of your tea leaf reading. The serial itself is connected to new beginnings and great hopes for a better future.

Detailed meaning of the cereal tea leaf symbol

Let's consider how cereal will impact upon your life when it is in various positions within the tea leaf cup.

Top of the cup: the cereal to appear at the top of the cup position indicates that you will soon embark on a new social endeavour. It means new beginnings and challenges, especially in career terms.

Middle of teacup: for the cereal to appear in the middle position is again, a positive omen! It suggests that new growth in a relationship that has perhaps been stale in the past.

Bottom of teacup: for the cereal to be present in the bottom of the teacup indicates that your life will be filled with new challenges new beginnings. In the bottom of the teacup will normally look at events of at least the last 12 months. Therefore in 12 months time you are likely to encounter an amazing new beginning.

Scattered: if the cereal appears scattered in any way or plotted around the teacup then this is associated with luck. It means that in life you will be lucky no matter what you choose.

Perhaps you're thinking about new job or relationship?

In summary, the cereal in a dream denotes new beginnings and challenges. Cereal is often associated with new challenges in life. For the cereal to appear at the side of the teacup means that somebody is going to be upset with you going forward. Do not forget how people have helped you in the past. This can also suggest exciting friends are around you.