cathedral meaning tea leaf

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

This cathedral featured within is associated with religion and how we view the world.

The cathedral is associated with how we view the world and our inner strengths. There may be a focus on praying for a better future. This symbol within the tea leaf reading also indicates that you have encountered difficulties in the past.

Perhaps you have prayed for a brighter tomorrow? The cathedral basically means success, and the personality person in charge of the world. If there has been problems in life - the cathedral symbol indicates victory in life.

Detailed meaning of the cathedral tea leaf symbol

Let’s for now review the position of the cathedral within your tea leaf reading.

Top of tea leaf cup: for the cathedral to be seen at the top of the team up indicates that you will gain greater force in the future. The cathedral upside down implied the approach of your willpower will prove to be successful.

Middle of teacup: for the cathedral to appear in the middle position signifies that you are successful in controlling other people, we do not always want to be controlled in life.

Bottom of tea cup: for the cathedral to appear in the bottom of the teacup suggest force. There is a focus on meditating in order to understand the willpower needed to move on in life.

In conclusion, the cathedral implies a religious symbol that is associated with gaining a better lifestyle. The grand spectacular cathedral can also represents itself as a smaller symbol within the tea reading as hope.

Note also the position of the cathedral - the cathedral teaches us that life is continuous in nature there will be ups and downs. Due to fears, conditioning and problems in daily life we sometimes turnto God in order to find ways to succeed. The cathedral in this sense, is a positive symbol to gain within your tea leaf reading.

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013