Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The catapult symbol is a sign of divergent views, of strife and hostility.

You may now be the victim of some assault and should give much care to your position and credit. Indecision may spoil your best opportunities.

A catapult in the tea leaf reading is focused on the way one perceives life. If we look at the catapult in its literal sense it is a weapon. It tries to initiate destruction, normally the destruction of others.

Catapult's in general have seen within many walls and also military context is. The catapult is a symbol in the tea leaf reading when we need to make a decision. It is rather hard to make out but it does state one thing. Protect yourself against any enemies or people that you feel will not be sincere.

Detailed meaning of the catapult tea leaf symbol

Top of the tea cup: the catapult to appear in the top position of the teacup indicates that there is somebody within your current life who you need to protect yourself against.

Middle of a tea cup: for the catapult to appear in the middle position suggests that you may have more than one enemy around you at the moment. It is important to try to recognise who this enemy is in order to build a defence wall against this person in symbolic terms “catapulting” against you.

Bottom of the teacup: for the catapult to appear in the bottom teacup position indicates that other people will become involved in an issue or problem in the near future.

As the bottom generally indicates the future it is important for you to recognise that you do have enemies around you.

In conclusion, the catapult is a defence mechanism and you need to be able to be on your guard!

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013