Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The barrel or cask is a symbol of vacuity and empty or vain dreams and disordered ambitions.

You will be required to serve where you think to be master, and to have custody of things which will never be your own. Deeds, not words of conflict may help you to achieve your aims.

A barrel is associated with possible difficulties. It is unknown what the barrel contains - there may be a focus on falling back on other people.

This symbol is associated with celebration but may cause a difficulty. The barrel shape is important it is associated with how we view the world. The actual position of the barrel is also important. For the barrel to be upright indicates an aloof attitude towards life. If the barrel is on its side this suggests that you have been feeling that everybody is an enemy.

Detailed meaning of the cask tea leaf symbol

Let’s for now look at the actual position of the barrel within your tea leaf reading and what this means.

Top of the teacup: there is a detached quality around you at the moment and you may feel that people are spying on you. The barrel in this instance indicates that somebody is hiding hiding away from you.

Middle of teacup: the barrel in the middle position of the teacup is associated with paranoia.

Bottom of tea cup: in the bottom position this indicates that you are curious about something in life. If it is in the upright position and this suggests that you sometimes exhibit a detached quality.

Scattered: the barrel to be scattered and routinely dispersed indicates that you may encounter somebody with an aggressive approach.

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013