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You are here shown the symbol of service, attended by every promise of success in life. You will gain by some transaction in hand.

Your receipts will be greater than your expenditure. Trade will be plentiful and profitable. This symbol denotes a decline to a more humble sphere. Your burdens will be light and your progress swift. 

There are many types of cart that can be seen within the tea cup. The cart could possibly contain any type of food, in ancient times carts were incredibly popular, more so than they are today. If the cart was segmented means success of any career.

The cart is normal a symbol of prosperity and business, and great or good conduct. It is in essence a cart that is associated with delay. There are two possible meanings of wisdom within this symbol. The cart itself represents the “better” and advancement in life. Maybe a better tomorrow - in business.

If the cart has horses by it - then this can suggest that there is possibilities of a new relationship.

Let's for now look at the key placements of seeing a cart within a tea leaf reading.

The cart in the position at the top of the cup: this indicates that the journey will take place. Somebody could get incredibly hurt at your absence. They may find things very hard because they feel that they've never lived up to your high standards. It also means business on a journey.

The cart in the position of the middle of the cup: to appear in the middle of the cup suggest that you are adaptable. You can show great strength of character.

Bottom of the cup: for the cart to appear in the bottom of the cup essentially means that you are a hard worker. You will travel maybe with work. You don't necessarily want to take the lead but in completing a task to the best of your ability you may be better off as being the leader.


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