Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

This symbol denotes benefits from others.

Your course in life will be greatly helped by the services rendered to you by friends and servants. Your path will be rendered smooth and your progress assure by their kindly intervention and help. If lowly born this is a sign of your rapid rise in life.

There are many types of carriage that can be seen within the tea cup. The carriage can be on it's own or drawn by horses, in ancient times carriages were incredibly popular, more so than they are today. If the carriage has two horses pulling it this suggests that you can make a success of any career.

A carriage indicates that is a general rule you will work better in employment or partnership than working alone. In a symbolic sense apart from what we have already discussed the carriage is associated with travel. We can go anywhere! If the carriage has a rider then this can suggest that there is possibilities of a new relationship.

Detailed meaning of the carriage tea leaf symbol

Let's for now look at the key placements of seeing a carriage within a tea leaf reading.

The carriage in the position at the top of the cup: this indicates that the journey will take place. Somebody could get incredibly hurt at your absence. They may find things very hard because they feel that they've never lived up to your high standards.

The carriage in the position of the middle of the cup: to appear in the middle of the cup suggest that you are adaptable. You can show great strength of character.

Bottom of the cup: for the carriage to appear in the bottom of the cup essentially means that you are a hard worker. You will travel maybe with work. You don't necessarily want to take the lead but in completing a task to the best of your ability you may be better off as being the leader.

The carriage in the middle of the teacup is a suggestion that things will go while going forward. As a carriage is connecting A to B it basically is a symbol to say that no matter what happens you will still reach your goal.

By Florance Saul
Mar 29, 2013