building meaning tea leaf

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

In ancient tea leaf dictionaries a building would often represent a person.

It also said to be an indication of the drinkers image. There could be many different types of buildings shown in your teacup. Generally, a building is often connected to the drinkers personality and dependent upon the details of the building a different meaning can be summarised from the aspects of this dream. To see any building in your tea leaf's indicates that there has been a level of insecurity or a change of living situations.

This is connected to your inner emotions and it is suggested you should pay attention to how do you react to what other people say or do. If the building is situated near the bottom of the teacup, this indicates that your family and your home are very important to you and your happiness if you see a house at the top of the teacup this can indicate that you are likely to feel happy and content if you were to make a house move.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen a house.
  • Can see more than one building.
  • Seen a church or temple.
  • Seen a pyramid.
  • Observed a tower.
  • Seen dots around the building.
  • Observed a large or small building.

Meaning of a building positioned in your teacup:

House: to see a house indicates that it is time to think about your home life and not just work. If the house is large in size this is connected to social relationships. Sometimes a full-time job can result in losing time with the family and it indicates that these types of emotions have been present. As we previously mentioned in the opening paragraph, building dreams are often connected to how you feel about life and the presence of the house signifies that you are a family person.

Castle: to see a castle or fortress suggests that you have a need to be protected from other people. Some people have hurt you the past and this indicates that it is time to forget this hurt the move on in your life. There is also a sense of feeling imprisoned if the castle is placed at the bottom of your teacup. This imprisonment can only be released through providing people with new challenges. If the castle is large this indicates that you have been hurt by somebody you love.

Church/ Template: to see a church or religious building within your teacup indicates that you are shortly going to confide in somebody about your current feelings or problems that have been an issue in your life. This is a positive time as it indicates you are likely to overcome any difficulties that do come in your way. Additionally many people will thank you for demonstrating that you can overcome these difficulties.

Pyramid: if you notice a pyramid or a triangle shape in your tea teacup this is traditionally believed to be an omen to focus your energy on specific tasks.

Tower: if you see a tower or monument within your teacup this is associated with new beginnings. However, in ancient tea leaf dictionaries, especially the Chinese have associated the tower alternatively a lighthouse connected to the feeling of being insecure in a work context.

Chimney: the chimney is the release of heat inside the home. A chimney therefore indicates that it is important to understand the ways will in which we communicate with other people. It is a sign that you are ready to tackle any problems will make good progress in respect to certain areas of your life.

Stairs: the stair often symbolises efforts to achieve certain goals in life the stairs is directly associated with focus on improving material possessions. To see steps indicates there are people within your past that you may need to call upon in order to fulfil certain goals. Stairs are also associated with relaxation and privacy. If the stairs are featured at the bottom of your teacup this indicates you are always going to find difficulty in achieving your long-term goal. For the stairs to appear either in the middle or at the top of your teacup takes on the same meaning. The stairs represent your family life, the centre of your existence. This symbol is an indication that your emotions are normally connected to improve on your family.

A door: to see a door in your tea leafs is an indication that you are likely to become closed off from others. There is a fight with the rationale and intellectual side of your personality. If the door is featured at the top of your teacup this suggests a willingness or ability to take on a secret fear. There is something in your personality that is hidden from other people and the door suggests that you can open your yourself up to confront your fears.

Window: this symbol is connected to how you view other people, and your perspective on what is going on around you. This can also signify your desires to let people into your life or the influence that you how that would put the other people in someway. To see a window at the top of your teacup is an indication that you will possibly trying to avoid emotional connections. If the window is situated near the bottom of the teacup this indicates that you have aggressive impulses which tend to always be out of control. It may also signify your ability to handle a potentially damning person or situation in life. The good news is that a window symbolises is that your beliefs are right.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012