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If you see a broken heart in your teacup then there is a situation which has caused you pain and heartbreak.

The most important advice upon seeing this symbol, is that you must allow yourself time to overcome your emotions. It suggests that there's been some conflict on a lighter level. This is the nature of life. You have been seeing things as an ongoing battle where it has become exciting. The fighting has become eagerly sought after. It also shows some type of difficulty or loss but you don't intend to hurt anybody or to destroy people, but you just enjoy the actual drama of the events. This attitude often becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

The advice is that it is important to have exciting competition but you must place a sense of justice and fair play in everything to do, especially in relationships of the heart. You must not abandon the role that you have in life, even if the battle has taken a nastier tone is important to take the time out in order to overcome the loss of love.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen more than one broken heart
  • Seen a broken heart near the bottom, middle or top of your teacup.

Meaning of a broken heart placement in your teacup:

Top of teacup: a broken heart featured at the top of the teacup indicates you are going through a period of sorrow. This symbol simply represents that you have hard and unsettled times. Also heartbreak has hurt your emotions for sometime. The good news is that it's not all doom and gloom. If it is presented near the handle of your teacup there is only one way forward and that is to look towards the future. The advice here is that you take the pain into your heart except to move on. The position does raise a question of whether you are currently separating from a love affair or a family relative. It is important we don't push people away from us at a time of need but somehow work it out to transform ourselves into somebody better.

Bottom of teacup: there is a focus that in this position the symbol shows that we need to be cautious in love. People can overturn difficulties in the future. In the bottom position the healing from a painful experience has almost become blocked. You have significantly been trying to fight against accepting the situation. If something in your life is too difficult to handle then you are likely to push it away. For the heart to be placed in the bottom of your teacup indicates that this pain is going to carry with you for a long time unless you deal with it and sort it out.

Middle of teacup: for the broken heart to appear in the middle of your teacup indicates that although you have suffered from depression you have discovered one method of handling problems. The quickest way for you to hold back is to not let anybody confuse you, confusion is ore than likely. There is going to be a time when you are going to have to choose between a lover and a friend. This choice will be an easy one. The heart in your tea leaf tea leaf reading can also so be associated with separation of the charkas. It might be important to try to work with the solar plexus to the chest in order to try to improve your emotional balance.

Large heart: to see a large broken heart in your teacup denotes that the balance that you possessed could either be lost or hidden. This position indicates that sometimes you may be influenced by other people through emotions and you are not the type of person to accept favours of others.

Small heart: if you notice a heart is of a small shape compared to the rest of your symbols in your teacup, this indicates the problems you have faced have become exaggerated. In such situations, the advice is to try to hold onto your own emotions, keeping these to yourself and finding a balance.

In summary, the heart is connected to internal heartache and you need to remain positive in order for your emotions to heal.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012