bridle meaning tea leaf

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The bridle of a horse shows well-directed energies, subjugation of passion to intellect, or to emotion, and consequent happiness as the prudence and self-restraint.

Expect some your better nature for the benefit of others.

The bridle is generally associated with trying to hold onto something. If we think about the metal being put on a horse it is really a mode of control. The horse bites onto the bridle into the metal part - let’s suggest that this means control. 

Additionally, the rains are present to steer the horse. This is important to understand the symbolism before moving to the position of the tea leaf reading. As the bridle is really a symbolism of control. 

Top of teacup: when this appears in the top teacup position it indicates that you have the ability to succeed in the business world. You can also succeed through a creative approach to life.

The bridle however is a control mechanism, therefore it is important to recognize that you will tend to be controlled by others.

The bridle placed in the middle of the teacup: if the bridle tends to be seen within the middle teacup then this indicates you will attract more love and money into your life. Again, you will find yourself succeeding in both the business world and also the creative side. 

Bottom of teacup: the bridle within the bottom of the teacup is connected to being sensitive about control. Perhaps you feel controlled by somebody and you cannot quite understand why. The control could possibly have lasted all your life and you do not even realize you're being controlled. 

It is important to take some time out to meditate understand if somebody is actually controlling you. The bridle only appears in this position we need to reflect on our own life in a deeper way.

At times you may feel restless and it is important for you to work in partnership with other people. As a bridle is a symbolism of control it is important to recognise where this control is coming from.

By Flo Saul
Mar 29, 2013