bridge meaning tea leafs

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

It connects two places or alternatively two worlds.

The bridge in a symbolic meaning is associated with firstly the consciousness and secondly the unconsciousness.

Perhaps the bridge can be associated with the past in the present. 

Even the earth and heaven. It is difficult to be able to visualize within the teacup whether it is a bridge or in fact rainbow. 

In essence, the bridge within your tea leaf reading is connected to reality and fantasy. It is a symbol of growth and new beginnings. There is a focus on career and for a bridge or rainbow type shape to appear in the tea leaf reading indicates that you are likely to stay in the job than to chop and change.

You could possibly remain in an interesting employment, this is because of the income. The bridge all rainbow is very much connected to the money and financial affairs.

Top of teacup: for this symbol to appear at the top half of the teacup suggests that you are suited to any occupation in which you use your imagination. This could possibly be any musical or artistic career.

Middle of teacup: Appearing in the middle of the tea cup the bridge (or rainbow) suggests that you will reach your destination.

Bridge at the bottom of teacup: this symbol denotes that you will be saved of your troubles by the most fortunate kind intervention. You will surmount difficulties and make progress even in the obstacles. Your path is prepared—you have on go forward in faith.

By Flo Saul
Mar 29, 2013