bride meaning tea leaf

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

A figure dressed like a bride is a symbol row, the distinguishing feature being the veil, indicates complications and perplexities coming. 

A bride in the tea leaf reading is a positive omen. Obviously, the bride is connected to a new relationship and a low interest project. If the bride is wearing a veil within the teacup then you should guard against any sudden or impulsive attachments with others. The veil is a symbolism of hidden enemies.

There is an association with jealousy and violence if the bride is frowned on the rim of the teacup.

Top of teacup: the bride in the position of the top of the of the teacup is associated with independence and self-reliance. At times, you may be extremely argumentative. The bride in this position indicates that whatever you throughout there is likely to come back to you. Even though you have a capacity to love deeply there may be some conflict going forward.

Middle of teacup: if the bride appears in the middle position of the teacup this suggests that quick results will be yours. It is important that you develop patients.

Bottom of cup: you would have great success in love.

Scattered: if the bride symbol is scattered within the teacup then this suggests that love may prove difficult. You reach out to help others may also engage in political endeavours. The message here is to make sure that you take care of yourself and that you do not seek to much pleasure that will cause pain in the future. What do I mean by that you ask? This indicates a possible affair or adultery which may affect your current partner in a negative way.

By Flo Saul
Mar 29, 2013