bread tea leaf

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

It is a mixed omen to see bread in the tea leaf reading.

If we look at bread in the literal sense - most people eat bread in some form or another. The bread is generally nutritious it has been considered that bread is a “staff of life.”

In ancient times this becomes the key symbol of nourishment. We've all heard the popular saying we speak of bread. 

The bread itself demands respect from others and is also considered sacred in Christianity. If we look at the Lord's prayer: Give us the day our daily bread.

In superstition terms, bread placed in the wrong position may sometimes be associated with misfortune. However, if the bread within your tea leaf reading is horizontal then this indicates that you will exhibit behavior which will suit the company of others.

To see bread in your teacup indicates on a very simple level that there will be the emergence of suppressed feelings going forward. Perhaps you have encountered a person who acts rather childishly. This is connected to our inner feelings and how we view ourselves in the world. As the bread is associated with survival because it is the food it is symbolically connected to our health. On a deeper level, the bread can also symbolize the whole force of somebody's personality.

Top of the teacup: it is positive to see the bread symbol at the top of the teacup it denotes strength and also hidden energy. The energy is a kind of fuel propelling us along the path of life.

Middle of teacup: to see the bread within the middle of the teacup is associated with strength. Strength often releases positive energy and good times ahead. There is positive times beyond the horizon.

Bottom of teacup: if you find that the bread is in the position of the bottom of the teacup then this suggests that you have great confidence in a work environment. Unless we truly believe in ourselves and the process of self-discovery one will never follow through on goal. What does this mean? It indicates that it is important for you to decide what goal you actually want.

If the bread is in a vertical position in the tea cup, it is advisable that you need to encourage somebody to finish something. This can be a goal or numerous tasks that are left incomplete. If you see an oblong shape which you suspect is bread but you are not sure then the shape itself suggests that there are issues around communication and talking about feelings with another. The bread in this context, or should we say the oval shape is a symbolism of activities within life.

By Flo Saul
Mar 29, 2013