boat tea leaf meaning

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A boat on it's own and not near any other signs, indicates that you’ll make a voyage of discovery which will be of a material benefit to you.

A ship indicates that you will be taking a journey into the unknown. Cloudy, capsized or at the bottom of the cup, it’s an omen of lurking dangers, untrustworthy people or crooked situations.

A flotilla suggests overwhelming success in commercial matters.You can be assured that if things stay the same, every single day of your life, boredom will creep in. Change is good and healthy.

Adapt yourself to the challenges it brings. Be flexible in your attitude towards life. Without change how dreary this world can be!

In your teacup you could have:

  • Seen a boat.
  • Seen more than one boat.
  • Observed the boat on the ocean.

Meaning of the boat in your tea leaf reading

Top of teacup: for this omen to feature at the top of your cup indicates that you will be taking a journey soon by water. Perhaps on a cruise.

Bottom of teacup: peoples emotions have got the better of you. Time for spending time on your own.

Middle of teacup: discover for yourself the things that a good holiday can bring.

Near handle: you are about to embark on a new hobby. There will be frustration associated with this hobby, it will be great once you learn the basics. You will find an invaluable compendium of events that will help you in life.

This symbol has a flexed meaning and may either denote a removal or journey away from home or some sustenance and comfort in a time of trouble. If on an even keel, it denotes success and prosperity, but if listing it denotes a time of trouble ahead against which precautions must be taken.

To see a boat in the clear, the consultant will make a discovery which will be of material benefit.

At the top of the cup, pleasure and pleasant secrets revealed.

At the bottom of the cup, and in clouds, an unpleasant discovery that will entail personal danger.

By Flo Saul
Oct 20, 2012