bicycle meaning tea

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

To see a bicycle in your tea leaf reading indicates that projects or aspirations are going to materialize.

A bicycle is connected to going from one place to another which means you have enjoyed your life to date. To see more than one cycle indicates that you will not need to make an important decision yet. This decision could be connected to a business proposition. To see the bicycle omen in your tea leaf reading is associated with trying to have a better standard of living.

On a positive note this tea leaf reading can suggest movement of event's in a stagnated situation. Are you trying to progress in a situation? Do you find that everything in life has become a struggle? Have you asked for the help of others to find the right road to success?

To see the wheels of a bicycle is often seen as a positive omen in order count of the tarot card the wheel of fortune. It often predicts a time of great fortune or great loss. To see the wheel near the bottom indicates that a new situation is on it's way. In tarot card tea leaf readings the wheel represents a new situation - either good or bad.  

In your teacup you may have:

  • Observed a person riding on a bike.
  • Can make out the wheels of a bike.
  • Seen dots around the bike.
  • Observed a large or small bike.

Meaning of a bike positioned in your teacup:

The top of the teacup: in the event the bicycle is near the top of your tea leaf reading this indicates an essential, exciting occasion will be approaching. It is likely that a special event will probably make you think about your life! Be prepared for achievable goals at work or troubles surrounding this special event.

Middle position of teacup: if a bicycle is positioned in the middle of the teacup the general meaning is positive. This symbolises that you are content with what life provides. Ancient teas leaf dictionaries especially those from Asian indicate this position is connected with contentment.

The bottom of the teacup: for this to be positioned in the bottom position of the teacup indicates that you will have numerous duties in the future. It is also essential that no matter what happens in everyday life you have to constantly believe in own instincts. There are numerous people with intentions that may not be good, so it is vital that you understand which friends you can trust. this kind of purpose isn't just a confident omen. It really is action which usually matters!

By Flo Saul
Oct 20, 2012