beehive tea leaf

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

This is a symbol that is connected to the attainment of new possibilities and new ways of thinking.

You could be worried about things in life. The beehive is associated with hard work.

With this hard work comes and a sense of anxiety may also effect you. Perhaps your anxious to reach a decision, and you feel that you will never arrive at a conclusion. In order to help you interpret the tea leaf reading it is important to take note of the size of the beehive, which is outlined below.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen more than one beehive.
  • Seen dots around the beehive.
  • Observed a large or small beehive.

Meaning of a beehive positioned in your teacup:

Top of teacup: For the beehive to appear at the top of the teacup is a positive omen is it may be a sign that you or somebody close to you will have a financial windfall in the near future.

Size of beehive: traditionally the location of this symbol is more important than the size. However, ancient tea leaf reading dictionaries denote size of the beehive is equally important.

Middle of teacup: Placed in the middle of the teacup this is a symbol of mental capability and hard work. On the other hand, if the beehive appears near the handle of the teacup this is a sign that you aim to communicate with someone who is close to you.

Bottom of teacup: to be featured at the bottom of the teacup indicates that hard work will be required for a long period of time. We can think of the work in terms of growing as we progress over time. In this context, the emotions that accompany this period in your life are be positive in nature.

By Flo Saul
Oct 20, 2012