battle tea leaf reading

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The symbol of fighting forces is an index of strife and contention. 

You will be involved in litigation, or trade rivalry will threaten your down­fall. Yet if a star appears above or a crown, or even an anchor, there is hope for a great victory.

A battle generally seen within the teacup indicates that you are feeling stress and overwork. This symbol means that you need to take a long holiday or journey in order to understand yourself better.

There seems to be some kind of issue between how you're feeling and how you perceive the world. The battle is often associated with an attitude in a situation that requires a focused view on how you are going to approach life.

Alternatively, it can represent that problems are soon going to become an obsession. You have noticed it you will have an inability to do anything to solve these problems. Depending upon the position of the battle within your tea leaf reading generally the symbol is associated with feeling too overly stimulated.

There seems to be a focus on courage and wisdom of others. This is not to say that you won't overcome these difficulties in your life.

Top of tea leaf cup: despite the extreme picture of battle this card does not necessarily represent death. It doesn't even represent violence it just symbolises that you are currently feeling extremely overworked. Take time out in time for yourself.

Middle of the cup: for the battle to be seen in the middle of the cup suggests that eventually the bad times will give way to good times.

Bottom of cup: to can see many people fighting at the bottom of the cup suggests possible conflict.

Scattered: Perhaps you feel that to see this in the scattered position of the cup means that you are likely to face conflict in the near future. That is not necessarily the case, situations change but we are responsible for our own actions. However, you must take advantage of opportunities that come by. Again, reading the first part of this interpretation you will understand that a battle is associated with overwork. You need to take some time out and consider the situation.

By Flo Saul
Mar 28, 2013