basin dream meaning

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

To see a basin in your tea leaves indicates that you may have difficulties in financial situations.

This symbol signifies a transition is required in order to need a fulfilling and happy lifestyle. It is important to recognize the power of meditation or psychic discipline. We sometimes allow parts of the inner child to speak to us, the basin is connected to water, therefore our emotions and the fact that you have had this symbol here indicates that you need to protect yourself against loneliness.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen a basin
  • The basin symbols are broken (this is positive and means the impact will not be so suggestive)

To see the sign's lines broken means you have an inner guide that you need to listen to. This person speaks to you and they are sometimes on a conscious level. If this symbol points upwards this suggests you may need to work hard in order to keep yourself in a certain lifestyle. There is also a women who is close to you that needs spiritual protection. Loneliness of this woman is the biggest concern of all. Being alone can be experienced as a negative state, where is sometimes being on your own is a positive attribute. If this symbol is featured or highlighted at the bottom of the teacup it is important is to recognise how significant a transition is needed and when.

Specific meaning of a basin placement:

Top of teacup: if the basin is featured near the top of the teacup this suggests that you have a tendency to keep secrets to yourself. Although not even through other people can these secrets be revealed. It is important to always ensure that moneymaking ventures are kept secret.

Near handle of teacup: creativity, imagination and to some degree dexterity will help you successfully manage material possessions - and fill the financial basin. Since the basin is connected to water this suggests your true romantic.

Middle of teacup: as a child you probably loved all the fairy tale stories. It is always important to keep your imagination full of creativity.

Bottom of teacup: if appearing at the bottom of your teacup the basin is an omen that is connected to long-term survival.

Rim of teacup: you have a tendency to hold back from a fight until there is a better chance of winning the battle. Additionally, if you withdraw all for a period of time you have a better chance of winning. This conflict is associated with growing your financial situation, thus, the basin situated at the rim of the teacup, is an indication that overall your financial position will dramatically increase over a long period of time.

Side of teacup: If the Basin is featured at the side of the teacup then this demonstrates that you need to deal with your own emotional make up without the help of other people. If you see the Basin at the top of the teacup then there is a wholeness or incompleteness that enables you to gain a degree of self sufficiency in military matters.

By Flo Saul
Oct 20, 2012