balloon tea leaf dictionary

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To see a balloon indicates that you have a busy social calendar.

A balloon often indicates a party or celebration. It can mean a sudden improvement in your affairs that will have you feeling on top of the world. Following this improvement, you must consolidate your gains and resist a tendency to become smug.

If you’re not careful someone will come along and burst your bubble. If that balloon is floating near the rim, the improvement will occur in your youth. Positioned in the middle, expect good fortune when you’re middle aged.

At the bottom of the cup, your affairs will prosper in old age. Hey, better late than never! The danger here is that life can sometimes be too easy for you. As a result, you may have settled for only the minor benefits of your life's path.

It is important to embrace all possibilities and associations in the path of life, your sexual activity is likely to be strong and it has been connected to dominating your love life.

However, there is room to other things in your life and the balloon indicates that you feel that it is time to settle down and have a family. If you see this symbol in the middle of the teacup it indicates that you are going to encounter successful relationships in the middle of your life.

If the balloon is featured at the top of the teacup it suggests that you will have success that it is likely to be consistent. If the balloon is at the side then near the end of your life will result in great times.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen a hot air balloon.
  • Observed a bunch of balloons.
  • Seen just one balloon.

The balloon stands life's essence. As fire can burst a balloon or it can lift the balloon up in the air this is a metaphor, in that you can either wallow in your own depression or look up to new possibilities. These are your choices.

Meaning of a balloon in your teacup:

Top of teacup: for the balloon to be situated at the top of your teacup is a positive omen, this indicates that you are going to be invited to many social events in the near future. The symbol is a strong indicator that you are approaching a new level of social awareness. This may be due to new interests or hobbies. It is also equally important to outline that someone has been holding back their emotions. To see a balloon, indicates that these emotions may suddenly burst. To see more than one balloon suggests that you must except responsibility for yourself so you can release all the difficult emotions in the past. Without being able to do this it is easy to constantly repeat negative behaviour. This is why if the balloon does appear at the top of your teacup it is important to give people the opportunity to discuss emotions and matters with you. The suggestion is that the balloon also symbolises a sense of control over others. This symbol puts human beings and relative motions at the centre of our life so it is time to nurture these relationships.

Bottom of teacup: a balloon appearing near the bottom of your tea leaf reading is a suggestion that there is a focus on friendship. This friendship is long-term and will help you on the road of life. The balloon often stands for action and movement. It is important that you do not close yourself off from relationships. There is a feeling of deep insecurity that can sometimes mask itself as being arrogant. To see the balloon on the bottom of the teacup means there is a link between the spirit world and the outer world. When the balloon appears to be rising up from the bottom to the top of the teacup it is linked to how these two worlds connect with each other through friendship.

More than one balloon: to see more than one balloon, brings with it happiness and contentment in a relationship.

Large balloon: if the balloon is a large then this indicates that you are going to feel some sense of security in the future. The key question is whether you are carrying any emotional baggage, that will effect your emotions or beliefs? If you have been feeling a need to remove bad energy this symbol is prompting you to only take with you what you need in life. Maybe you need to leave baggage behind?

Small Balloon: a small balloon suggests the need you to feel nurtured. It is suggested you are carrying emotional baggage that you can easily remove. Try removing this negative energy through meditation.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012