Ball and chain

ball and chain tea

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To see a ball and chain within your teacup indicates that you have the promotional skills to be successful in business.

The drinker needs to keep busy in order to be happy. The other dimension of this symbol is that you feel imprisoned in your own thoughts. You have been restless, unhappy, and inpatient over the last few months. If you have been feeling these emotions, the advice is to try to enjoy all kinds of challenges. Life is set to challenge us.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Noticed a ball with a chain connected.
  • Seen more than one ball and chain

Meaning of seeing a ball with a chain:

Top of teacup: the ball chain can sometimes be a result of recklessness. It is a symbol that is connected to feeling trapped or to feel imprisoned. For this to be positioned at the top of your tea leaf reading indicates that other people have of making you feel controlled. They have told you this is for your own good. This "control" is not necessarily. We all choose to take decisions in our life whether those decisions are right or wrong you made the choice. In the past you may have taken the wrong route but it is up to you to identify your mistakes. It's your choice to change your direction. There is a focus on leaning from other people. Essentially, you are chained to someone else's emotions. A ball and chain in your tea leaf reading is a warning that you need to stand on your on two feet and think independently. It is time to be your own person. Stop hiding behind other people and start to take some action of your own.

Middle of teacup: if this symbol is featured at the middle of the teacup it indicates that hard times and a period of calm is needed in order to work through your troubles. If the chain is knotted then this is associated with difficult situations. This symbol is also connected to recklessness and it is important to move projects along quickly towards conclusion. As we delve further into the meaning of this symbol it is suggested that caution is needed and it is sometimes better to observe situations than to be part of them.

Bottom of teacup: in the position of the bottom or on the actual bottom of the teacup the ball and chain is connected to a long term reliance on other people and their emotions. Firstly, you think of other people too much. Sometimes it is important for you to not care what other people think, only if you don't care what other people think there is hope of a bright tomorrow. There is also a focus on your own awareness and responsibility. It is not common in ancient tea leaf reading dictionaries for the advice to meditate for a few moments is given, to find out how to deal with independence. Symbolically cutting away any past ties through meditation will help you in the future.

Seeing just the chain: there is a separate meaning of chain but if the ball and chain is separated in anyway this is a positive omen because it suggests you are moving away from a relationship where you felt oppressed. Congratulations for taking a stand.

Side of teacup: in this position the ball and chain signifies some change in the circumstances of the drinker's life. The drinker would likely not understand what has fuelled this change, there may be no direct reasons that anyone could possibly think, the person who has fuelled the change won't even know that they have done so. The change will be positive but will happen very quickly.

By Flo Saul
Oct 20, 2012