ball tea leaf meaning

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To see this symbol indicates that there is a need to exert plenty of physical energy.

It suggests that the individual needs to enjoy exercise and regular routine. Bravery and competitive input is also present if the ball is large in size. A small ball is also an omen of competitiveness. If you see a ball bouncing within your teacup this is a positive omen.

To see a ball in relation to dancing, then this symbol indicates that there is likely to be a tendency of conflict between co-workers.

After the storm there is sometimes peace and a conflict is likely to break down the barriers so that there is a sense of calm and emptiness left.

Everything in the ball speaks of the need to playfully approach people rather than in direct conflict, the position of the ball within your teacup in comparison with the symbols that surround it also extremely important. The ball opposite the handle may represent the need for fun hobbies or tasks.

A ball indicates that your fortunes will be up and down like a bouncing ball but the good news is you’ll be able to bounce back. Peace is likely to come after conflict.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen a ball.
  • Observed more than one ball.

Meaning of the placement of a ball:

Top of teacup: to see a ball at the top of your teacup suggests that positive times are predicted in the near future. It also warns you to be particularly careful not to overeat. There is a sense of energy directed towards the acquisition of material possessions. The drinker is looking for both emotional and spiritually fulfilment.

Bottom of teacup: for the ball to appear at the bottom your teacup means that there is going to be a flash of enlightenment. This is going to be a particularly powerful if you have limited power in a work situation. The presence of the ball at the bottom of the teacup is a wake-up call. The message is that you need to follow your dreams, but something is holding you back. In your heart you want so much more. The idea of responsibility in life does not attract you. It is an invisible force that overtakes you. It doesn't necessarily mean for instance, that if a tornado destroyed your home you have somehow decided that you wanted this to happen, this is a metaphor that you sometimes hide reasons are not doing things. Understanding the reasons behind why you are worried about responsibility is the first step towards moving forward in your life.

Middle of the teacup - for the ball to be positioned in the middle of the teacup shows that your outer personality is someone who is outgoing. Sometimes you are like a magnet, because people want to be with you. The symbol signifies that you have a big struggle against life's events, change often happens without your consent and you must react passively toward whatever life has thrown at you. But this to appear in the middle of your teacup. This indicates that there might be a rocky road ahead but your social relationships will help you through.

Small ball: this symbol is particularly small against the rest of your tea leaf reading, this simply means that there is a new set of circumstances that will come your way but won't significantly alter your life.

Large ball: to see a large ball within your tea leaf reading will help you. It is a positive omen. We discussed above that it is likely for peace to come, the larger the ball more likely your dreams are going to be realised. Remember, that people in social situations can actually help you.

You will travel much and enjoy more than the usual degree of experience in the ups and downs of life in your own and other countries. You will be the plaything of fortune and will never know rest. Unless under the guidance of a higher power than your own, your path in life will be circumferential and will end where it began.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012