Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

An axe suggests that you’ll cut free the dead wood in your life and liberate yourself from some tiresome people or squash your opposition.

It is a clear this sign is important as it is connected to breaking things in life. This calls for you to take the lead in a difficult family situation. The weight of the axe makes it easy you to be tipped over by somebody close to you. The axe is connected to your emotions and you have been taking a defensive attitude lately, which has made you more prone to outbursts of anger.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen an axe.
  • The axe symbol is broken.

One method of handling life's difficult problems or oppositions that you have been facing is to push everything away beyond your emotional fence. It is important to not let others approach or dominate you - as this may emotionally hurt you.

The most important aspect of this symbol is that you can heal from any fight that you have encountered. Above the handle of the cup, an axe indicates a severance, the undesired termination of a job or the ending of an association.

Detailed meaning of tea leaves placements of an axe

Top of teacup: in the top position this shows that change has already occurred. As this is quite a difficult to understand what change has occurred, it can often represent feelings of sadness or of anger. The most often association is with difficulties of the past, even those you have long overcome. Sometimes things never heal and we end up just forgetting about things. Such a period of time is indicated at the placement of this symbol. There is a need for happier times to emerge.

Bottom of teacup: if this symbol appears at the bottom of the teacup, the axe can indicate a man that is materialist. He holds a narrow view of life and it can also be associated with misery or depression. If the axe is pointing upwards then you are sometimes a slave of your own desires, rather than acting the way you think best you follow the crowd. Earlier in the we associated an axe with family problems, and this can also extend to difficulties with friends. On the other hand it indicates an attempt to break away from a difficult situation. Sometimes we can find a period of transition is required in order to move on in our life.

Middle of teacup: if the axe is situated in the middle of the teacup this indicates that there has been an emotional storm that has stirred up the waters. It is important that you return to your own creative energy in order to positively deal with any emotional upheavals which are likely to come your way.

Axe surrounded by dots: if the symbol is surrounded by small dots then this is a positive omen as it suggests any discontentment is going to be short lived.

The symbol of a axe demonstrates many things but through the interpretation of surrounding symbols and joining together with a whole picture of meanings we can create an overarching picture of what is happening in the tea leaf drinkers life. From this, we are able to understand the combined forms of tea leaf reading.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012