aviary bird

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

An aviary or cage full of birds denotes many new projects and ideas - but these will be diffi­cult to realize owing to restrictions and impediments that are imposed upon you.

You need more freedom in order to meet with the measure of success that your high ideals and fertile imagination are capable of inspiring. 

If we look at the aviary this is associated with imprisonment. An aviary is in fact a cage. If we think about an aviary it is also connected to birds. 

The cage itself can be a sign of entrapment but seeing as you are visualising within the teacup and the aviary which contains birds - this denotes a happy marriage. There is not many interpretations within the tea leaf dictionaries of an aviary.

We must perhaps look at the symbolic meaning from an occult perspective.

The cage is often an omen of marriage but not a successful one. It can also symbolise a disappointed part of one’s life.

Let’s for now look more in depth at the actual position of the Aviary:

The Aviary at the top of the tea cup: if we see the Avery intertwined with the symbol indicates bad times as well as good, the cage can show sharing experience but also the feeling of being trapped to some degree.

Middle of teacup:  it is a warning to tighten your belt. You may think  this is from a financial perspective but it is not! The more you put yourself through relationship the more you learn. You can expect a happy marriage but there is a lot that you need to ecounter with this partner.

The Avery at the bottom of the teacup: to see this at the bottom of the teacup means that you are going to be moving towards marriage and enlightenment.

In summary there might be many different influences seeing aviary with teacup. This symbol generally stays at the waters, one must return to outer awareness especially in love relationships. The emergence of the birds within the cage denotes that the good times and happy events will happen. We must always be armed with the knowledge of what to expect in life. Remember to always appreciate your partner even if your marriage becomes boring. Try to find ways more interesting  ways to spend time together.

By Florance Saul
Mar 28, 2013