Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

This carries the same meaning as a star.

It denotes that there is reason for immediate attention in some direction and is interpreted very much in terms of its attending symbols The appearance of a star or asterisk in a sortilege is a signal which should never be overlooked.

A group of small stars, in a cluster, denotes much news and new company'. It indicates that your efforts will be in association with others and that your individual powers will have to be suborned for the common good. As a unit you will not shine brilliantly but in company with others you will meet with success. You may join a syndicate or corporation.

So what is an asterisk? an Asterisk is from Latin. It is a typographic sign of * and can be a star or even a snowflake!

To see such a sign in a tea leaf reading means you need to stay optimistic, you are beautiful. Please remember we all live in a cycle. You have had a steady nine years. This is now over and to see the asterisk means that you are restoring a brand-new cycle.

It's another way we pioneer new beginnings in life, to see this symbol means your the inventor you are the the go-getter. To see this near the bottom of the cup and you can hold some fear of the universe.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen an asterisk in its perfect form.
  • Seen an asterisk that is scattered.
  • A person or object near the asterisk.
  • Seen a snowflake / star.
  • Seen Cluster of stars.

Top of teacup: if appearing at the top of your teacup, This is blessing for you to remain strong. You will meet a new person that will inspire you.This person cannot come into your future if your energy is not right. Be careful not to close doors and leave them open for new relationships and love.

Seeing near another person - e.g. holding the asterisk: You are fighting or begging someone if you see this at the bottom of the cup. Someone is fighting against you - for whatever the reason. This person is not giving you the self respect you deserve.

Bottom of the teacup: this means that someone loves you and luck will be yours.

Side of teacup:  Appearing at the side of the cup, you're telling yourself you can afford material things in life, but you need to be careful.

Large asterisk: A large symbol means you can expect happiness to come from a close friend. Think about your independence, how  you can get your independence back, your self respect.

By Florance Saul
Mar 28, 2013