Ass meaning tea

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The Ass symbol suggests that you have intellectual potential.

This is connected to your involvement in studying towards a goal or a challenge. It is important to demonstrate your affection and devotion towards this objective. If the symbol is featured at the bottom of your teacup this warns of over self-confidence.

To see an Ass kicking in your teacup means that someone is causing you difficult times at the moment. Diplomacy is required in order to overcome the anxieties and remove problems of others. After the storm there is likely to be peace.Every person in life goes through emotional upheavals, to find afterwards, a sense of calm and emptiness.

The Ass which is kicking in your teacup is normally connected to overcoming difficulties through creative action, which stems originally from a pool of uninformed energy.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen an ass in your teacup.
  • The ass symbol is broken.
  • Observed more than one ass.

Detailed meaning of tea leaves placements of an ass

Top of teacup: for the Ass to be positioned at the top or near the rim of the teacup indicates a symbol of emotional cruelty. It is worth understanding that people's life experiences make them the people they are. The advice is to not be angry with this person but shield yourself against them. There is a hidden vastness within us, and it's important to take this energy and use it positively.

Middle of the teacup: over the coming months it is important that you try to bring joy out of true discipline. It is important to also understand that you need to demonstrate discipline. This symbol signifies that training brings both control and skill. Any type of work, whether it be physical, mental, spiritual can only succeed if you have the end result in mind. Everything speaks for wholeness, openness and healing.

Bottom of teacup: for this to be present on the bottom of the teacup indicates a connection between overcoming difficulties in the long term and success in the future. Success does not so much mean worldly achievement but success in creating ourselves out of the material world. Be grateful for what life has given you, in regards to good circumstances and conditions.

Direction of the ass: if the ass is pointing upwards then this indicates sensitivity. The ass pointing downwards means that your focus has been lost and that you must stick on the path in order to fill your goals.

Large sized ass: if the ass appears large this symbol indicates strong emotions around other people in the near future. This could possibly be connected with a love relationship. The larger the ass the more significant this will be in your life. On another level the ass can also imply a simple emotional force, both in love and hate and both in extreme forms. Our emotions are a gift enabling us to connect with other people. If the ass is large then it can suggest people who have suffered some kind of abuse. This abuse has resulted in an anger of life.

More than one ass: if you identify more than one ass's within your teacup it means you will need to control two emotional relationships.

Elsewhere: to see an ass elsewhere in the teacup indicates you need to be able to show more emotion in situations regarding your family or close friendships.

If at the top of the cup, a very good augury of success and happiness. In the middle contentment. At the bottom patience and persever­ance will overcome all present difficulties.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012