arrow tea

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

The arrow is a symbol of direction. It denotes that caution is required.

There is a sign of difficult news on the way. This symbol is also connected to hearing some favourable news. It is important to understand the exact positioning in your teacup and the direction to which the arrow is pointing.

If your arrow points towards the top of your teacup then this indicates that you are likely to have a progressive and happy love life.

If the arrow is pointing towards the bottom of your teacup then this indicates that you are likely to move into a difficult situation in the near future.

If the arrow is pointing in a horizontal direction then this indicates that you are likely to stop other people from progressing, for your own enjoyment. If the arrow is accompanied by tree symbols then this indicates that you are likely to be in a difficult situation regarding your career.

As painful as it maybe at times things need to change and you need to allow yourself to progress in order to make yourself happy in the long term.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen an arrow in your teacup.
  • The arrow symbol is broken.
  • A pair of arrows.
  • Arrows pointing upwards.
  • Arrows pointing downwards.
  • Observed more than one arrow.

Detailed meaning of tea leaves placements of an arrow

Top of teacup: to see an arrow placed at the top symbolises favourable news in the future. This favourable news is likely to come around quite quickly. The arrow can also represent a love affair. There was a choice to be made that will bring change to people's life. There is also a feeling of suffering or sacrifice that needs to be made. If this symbol appears very high on the rim of the teacup, this love affair will happen quickly. In certain situations, the arrow is viewed as a problem symbol. Ancient tea dictionaries describe the arrow is focused on the breaking down of relationships and the symbol creates energy from the remaining energy.

Bottom of teacup: to see the arrow positioned at the bottom of the teacup is a representation that you have the ability in life to hold things together. You also have the ability to give orders and structure to situations. Once again, in a situation connected to the heart the meaning will depend on the other symbols within the teacup. If the arrow is near dots this symbolises that you are gathering your thoughts, emotional protection maybe required. You have been known to close yourself off in the world. Here the advice is that the energy needs to be released. Once again, the proper meaning is associated with the other symbols shown within the teacup.

Middle of teacup: ancient tea leaf dictionaries believe in our own positioned in the middle of the teacup brings with it an illusion, confused ideas and overwhelming feelings of love.

Direction of the arrow: if the arrow is pointing upwards then this indicates true perception. The arrow pointing downwards means that your focus has been lost and that you must stick on the path in order to fill your goals. The arrow is also connected to your emotional reactions. Alone these won't necessarily be due to be true. Often, you have had emotional outbursts if the arrow is pointing to the side of the teacup. It is important to understand awareness comes from a deeper level of your own internal values and experience in life.

Chinese interpretation: an arrow pointing up and out of the cup promises that your fortunes are on the way up. Pointing towards the bottom of the cup, it indicates that a plan will misfire. Pointing away from the handle, an arrow suggests that you’ll be giving someone bad news by telephone or writing a nasty letter. If the arrow is heading towards the handle, bad news is on its way. If next to a heart or if it joins two hearts together, it’s a sign of burning passion.

Large sized arrow: if the arrow appears large this indicates that there is going to be some strong emotions around other people in the near future. This could possibly be connected with a love relationship. The larger the arrow the more significant this will be in your life. On another level the arrow can also imply a simple emotional force, both in love and hate, both in extreme forms. Our emotions are a gift enabling us to connect with other people. If the arrow is large then it can suggest people who have suffered some kind of abuse. This abuse has resulted in someone bringing anger to the surface of their life.

More than one arrow: if you identify more than one arrow's within your teacup it means you will need to control two emotional relationships.

This indicates a disagreeable letter; from where it comes must be judged by the direction of the arrow. If dots are around it will be connected with money.

Elsewhere: to see an arrow elsewhere in the teacup indicates you need to be able to show more emotion in situations regarding your family or close friendships.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012