Arm tea meanings

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

To see an arm featured within your teacup is an indication that you are being too honest with people around you.

To see open arms suggests that you need to be more approachable in life. If you see the arms pointing downwards then it indicates that you need to follow the crowd in a situation regarding your career.

If the arms are pointing up to the top of the teacup it is a sign that much success or even awareness of value in ordinary items will help you appreciate things much better. If the whole arm is at the bottom of the teacup then this indicates that you are likely to encounter a hard-working individual, perhaps an artist or spiritual person who you can learn a lot from.

If the arm is holding some type of weapon then this indicates that you must follow your high standards and internal instincts in order to progress your own development. 

The arm can also signify emotions and communications between two people. As we have already touched on at the beginning of this overview, maybe you are being too honest with others.  

There are many logos that include the arm, such as toothpaste that have the arm as a symbol. So what does the arm actually signify? The arm suggests love, compassion and hope. The arm is a way that we reach out to others for communication and also for love.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen an arm in your teacup.
  • The arm symbol is broken.
  • A pair of arms.
  • Arms pointing upwards.
  • Arms pointing downwards.
  • Observed more than one arm.

Detailed meaning of tea leaves placements of an arm

Top of teacup: if placed at the top of the teacup it can show there has been a failure of comfort between two people. Perhaps you haven't been so emotional than other individuals around you. A mild personality can sometimes demonstrate little empathy. Featured near the top of the teacup is an indication that you are in tune with other people.

Bottom of teacup: if the tea leaf symbol is placed at the bottom of the teacup this indicates self-control is needed. Those who see a natural force of attraction to the opposite sex are reminded that if this symbol appears in their teacup they should try to conquer the passion or act upon it.

Large sized arm: the larger a symbol the more significant the meaning is. To see a large arm means a withdrawal from the outer world. Please understand the subconscious mind better. A large arm also indicates that willpower is needed, especially of course if this symbol is surrounded by other's that bear a similar meaning.

More than one arm: if you identify more than one arm's within your teacup it means you need to have better self-awareness so you understand and believe in yourself more. In tea leaf readings, this is a quality of self-development. This self-awareness will prove extremely important in the road ahead.

Elsewhere: to see an arm elsewhere in the teacup indicates you need to be able to show more emotion in situations regarding your family or close friendships.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012