ark meaning

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

To see an ark symbol in your teacup is an indication that a positive opening or opportunity is arising in your life at the moment.

You are feeling the requirement of a safe and secure environment. This is a positive time to hide yourself away from the world and understand what you really want. To see the ark at the top of your teacup points out that you need to build up your confidence.

Besides emphasising your accomplishments and good qualities a person can increase spiritual intellect through meditation. The grounding of the emotions in natural things is also needed. To see the ark near the top of the teacup is a suggestion that you are likely to encounter some satisfying work. This may include voluntary work or some venture where your abilities and value as a person are recognised.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen an ark in your teacup.
  • The ark symbol is broken.
  • Observed more than one ark.

Detailed meaning of tea leaves placements of an ark...

Top of teacup: in tea leaf readings to see an ark indicates that charity work is required. Try to avoid painful emotions, and feelings of being overpowered by other people. It may be that you are trying to hard in a relationship and being forced into social events. Occasionally, the ark seen at the top of the teacup can indicate that you have the ability for self-expression.

Bottom of teacup: an ark positioned at the bottom of your tea teacup suggests some kind of charity work which is likely to be long-term. There is also a focus on loss of power or ability to catch hold of an idea that will enable people to live their life better.

Middle of teacup: an ark appearing in this position means that traditionally powers of charity are normally developed through other people. If this is in the middle of your teacup you need to take the initiative.

Large sized ark: the larger the ark, the more significant the meaning.

Dot's: if surrounded by large dots it means that you will need to train others.

More than one ark: if we follow our instincts or move forward in a charitable context we sometimes complete tasks that hold a lack of meaning of the community at large. More than one ark indicates that the project's you accept must be worth-while.

More than four arks: you need to pay for items if more than four ark's are present.

An ark, or house-boat, indicates a haven or refuge from calamities which appear to threaten. It is a symbol of security in the midst of great dangers and assurance of well-being in a time of stress.

Elsewhere: see the interpretation outlined in the first paragraph.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012