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Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

Remember the term "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" for this symbol to appear in your teacup is a positive sign.

More people now live to over ninety and this omen appearing means that you have a happy and content life in the future. An apple signifies good health, happiness and rejoicing. It promises that romantic dreams will be realised.

To see more than one apple in your teacup indicates that you should focus on having fun and plan or start thinking about holidays abroad. You have a long life ahead of you so it is important to enjoy your life. In addition, you need to learn life's important positive and valuable lessons. There is always an emphasis on creative or artistic achievement.  To see more fruit than just the apple such as a banana is even more of a positive omen. In summary, the apple appearing in your tea leaf reading is generally a positive omen. However, it is important to guard yourself against enticement.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen an apple in your teacup.
  • The apple symbol is broken.
  • Observed more than one ape.

Detailed meaning of tea leaves placements of an apple...

Top of teacup: featured near the top of the teacup the apple is associated with new beginnings. The good news is that if this is featured in this position than these new beginning will happen really quickly. The new beginnings a positive and can be associated with improving relationships. The apple is also mentioned in the opening paragraph as connected to how you feel about others. You need to also watch what you eat. A diet may be required in order to gain more energy.

Top left of the handle: if this symbol appears at the top left of the handle this is advising you to protect yourself against overindulgence.

Centre of the teacup: to see the whole apple appear in the centre of the teacup indicates there may be feelings of discontentment in a close relationship. This is not a great time in which to make important decisions.

Under the handle: emotional happiness is awaiting you. However, if there is difficulties in making decisions. Don't be discouraged from trying to improve close relationships.

Bottom of teacup: to be positioned at the bottom of the teacup indicates that the apple is associated with improving your diet and long term health. To see the apple at the bottom of the teacup can mean that you need to undertake exercise. This exercise will be important for you to make sure that you have the energy that is required to overcome any illnesses. At the bottom of the cup in ancient dream dictionaries it is a warning of a temptation that is hard to resist. Just keep in mind what that nasty old apple did to Snow White, not to mention Adam in the Garden of Eden! Ancient tea leaf dictionaries denote that at the bottom of the cup and with a bite taken from it, if you fail to resist the temptation it will have irreversible consequences for you.

Side of cup: With a bite taken out of it and on the side of the cup, the apple indicates that you’ll succumb to temptation but the consequences won’t be dire.

More than one apple: to see two or more apple's is a positive omen.

Apple with a leaf: make sure that you can relax and be yourself in challenging times.

Two apples together: if the apples are together this is an extremely positive symbol. it denotes that you are likely to gain fortune in the distant future.

Large sized apple: the larger the apple the more significant interpretation is. Keep in mind that fruit also indicates your good health. At the most fundamental level, the apple provides connection with our nutritional needs.

Apple that has been eaten: to see an Apple partially eaten often occurs when a compromise is required.

Small size apple: to see a small apple is an indication that it maybe necessary to check your health and try and improve certain eating patterns, such as eating less fat and taking care of yourself. Make sure you have rest at night.

Upside down apple: to see an apple upside down indicates common sense is required in an immediate situation. You may find new beginnings which involve your career, there may also be progression into a new career role.

Bitten apple: If the apple appears to have a bite taken out of it, then this denotes you will reap the fruits of your own labours.

Elsewhere: see the interpretation outlined in the first paragraph.

By Flo Saul
Oct 20, 2012