ape meaning tea

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

To see an ape in the teacup indicates a time of great importance.

You will either achieve prominence in your career or realise a much desired ambition. However, any achievement will probably be accompanied by additional responsibilities.

A great deal is like to happen over the next few months and you will feel that you have no direct control over the situations occurring. However, it is important that you remain positive and try to warn off hardship.

The ape also suggests that one needs to ensure that people around you are happy and content. Especially direct family members. The ape can signify many different meanings in a teacup. A broken ape,  in terms of the actual image scattered within the teacup suggests movement when it comes to financial security.

You are likely to encounter a friendly male who has some positive characteristics and this male will be able to help you achieve your long-term goals. If the ape is at the bottom of the teacup then you could encounter a struggle to achieve your objectives.

The positive news is that you will in the end win over in relationships with those in high places.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Can see an ape within your teacup.
  • The ape symbol maybe broken.
  • Witnessed more than one ape.

Detailed meaning of tea leaves placements of an ape

Top of teacup: the ape is quite an aggressive and indicates that you have been having to focus on personal relationship. This has perhaps caused problems. This symbol is associated with trying to have more focus on the task at hand. Your a domestic person and home life is important.

Rim of teacup: as ape's can sometimes be associated with an animal that comes across fierce then this can mean that you try too hard in a relationship. This calls for an imbalance in a relationship to be healed. Have you fallen out with anybody recently? If so, it is time for you to make peace.

Near handle: you may find that you need some excitement and new adventures in the near future.

Bottom of teacup: if the ape is featured near the bottom of the teacup it can reflect a time of change. In addition it can mean positive relationships in the distant future. To see the ape on the edge of the teacup bottom indicates new opportunities. As the ape is a symbol of the animal kingdom, it can also mean that feel a need to become connected to nature. Perhaps you need to take a long walk in the country, or go on a walking holiday to appreciate nature.

More than one ape: to see more than one ape indicates a new career. If in your teacup there is more than two ape's this meaning is associated with providing freedom of speech. Everyone has their own opinion, it is important that you listen to others. To see a large number of apes suggests a lack of communication with someone that is close to you. You must ask the questions of why you have resisted communicating. Is it simply that you do not want to allow your emotions to be hurt? 

Large sized ape: the larger the size ape the more significant the meaning to your life. A large ape represents the need to assert yourself in situations regarding the heart - it is important handle other people better than you have been.

Small size ape: to see a small size ape represents balance is needed. If the small ape is surrounded by small dot's then someone may hurt your self-esteem.

Elsewhere: see the interpretation outlined in the first paragraph.

By Flo Saul
Oct 20, 2012