Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

To see this symbol placed inside the teacup indicates that success is likely to occur, but only after a difficult time, you must decide just how practical and active you are going to be in life.

A minor accident is also predicated. Remember there is a natural reaction to remain calm rather than a tendency to panic. The reason a crisis will materialise is because you need to undo a block that is holding you back in life.

If you see the anteater below the handle then outbursts are predicted by yourself or someone close to you. These emotional feelings will surprise family members. If you are confronted with conflict other areas of your personality will emerge, such as your calm and collected nature.

There is a tendency to show harsh reaction to others in a crisis. The advice given if this symbol appears in your teacup is to remain calm in a crisis and success will prevail.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen an anteater within your teacup.
  • The anteater symbol maybe broken.
  • Witnessed more than one anteater.

Detailed meaning of tea leaves placements of an anteater

Top of teacup: the anteater seen within the top of the teacup indicates that you have reluctantly moved forward in your life. There is a focus on getting stressed and this symbol within your teacup indicates that you have been feeling depressed lately. As it is placed near the top of your teacup the anteater suggests that eventually paths in life will open. The key to this will be your attitude towards people. If the anteater is featured on the rim of your teacup this indicates that good times are going to be had by all.

Bottom of teacup: to present itself at the bottom of the teacup denotes a positive omen. This indicates that in the future you will have positive relationships with other people. Similarly, the symbol is associated with happy and content times with family or friends. Expect a party or social gathering in the near future.

More than one anteater: To see more one anteater symbol in the teacup is an indication that times are likely to get better in the distant future if you see a pair of anteater's it is extremely positive and could indicate that times are going to be had by all.

Large sized anteater: if the anteater within your teacup is of a large size indicates that you could shortly be married or attend marriage of somebody you know. If the anteater is near the top of the teacup and the symbol shape is larger than the other symbols, it indicates there will be some emotional problems in the near future.

Broken lines in the shape: It's important that you can stay composed in the face of opposition.

Small size anteater: the anteater to appear small in size indicates there is difficult and emotional times ahead. If you do have the duty to improve any situation that is thrown at you in life then seeing this symbol shows that you must have the motivation. Remember that nothing is forever. You can always change things, and you can make things much better than they currently are.

Elsewhere: see the interpretation outlined in the first paragraph.

By Flo Saul
Oct 20, 2012