ant meaning in tea leaf reading

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

This is a symbol of industry, courage, perseverance, and thrift.

It shows success in life by the use of the natural powers and faculties and a place among the people as a well-known and deserving citizen. To see one ant denotes great times ahead.

The ant shows up when something is comfortable, but hard work is required. Are you thinking about a new career? To see more than one ant in the teacup could be a sign of something quite uncomfortable. The problem is you've either been staying in a situation for the sake of other people. What's important now is that you start to move forward. This means living in the moment and enjoying each day because you have to come to terms with moving on in life.

In your teacup you may have:

  • Seen more than one ant - many ants for example.
  • Noticed an ant crawling up the cup - positive sign.

Top of teacup: If appearing at the top of your teacup, seeing an ant means you need to focus. It is about money and finances and in some cases being tied to a situation simply to provide for others.

Scattered ants straight line: This indicates that you have lost friends in life.  This is especially true if you see the ants going in a diagonal line.

Bottom of the teacup: You should move forward in life.

Side of teacup: Basically breaking free from addictions patterns in your life.

Large ant going across the cup in any direction: Meditate and call on the ant totem animal - and wait to see what you learn and remember that psychic healing isn't always about vibrations it's actually about perceiving a vibration and so that something actually happens in life.

By Florance Saul
Mar 28, 2013