Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

This ancient tea leaf symbol suggests that you need to take a restful holiday by water.

There have been many times you have been challenged by others. It may be a time when confusion and stress is likely to undermine the health of yourself and people close to you. If you see the anchor on its own in your teacup, it indicates that you have many friends and acquaintances and you sometimes never know who they truly are. As the anchor goes down to the seabed indicates that you are going to listen to your deep unconscious inner self.

The anchor is an emblem of hope and promises rest and contentment after a tumultuous episode. It may indicate that a heartfelt wish will come true. Near the rim, the anchor symbolises true friends and a faithful lover.

An anchor that is covered in small dots has a deeper meaning and indicates it you have a spiritual attitude to help other people. If the anchor is placed in the middle of the teacup this indicates that you have experienced underhandedness in love relationship. To see an anchor that is on it's own in the teacup indicates possible creative ability. As an anchor is connected to the ocean also indicates that you may have or may experience a difficult period. The likelihood of being at odds with a lover or in a close relationship is predicted.

If this symbol appears near a boat or ship the anchor represents conflicting influences, trust, persistence and the need for independence.

Detailed meaning of seeing an altar in your teacup...

In your teacup you may have:

  • Identified an anchor symbol.
  • Seen an anchor symbol that is broken.
  • An anchor near the symbol of the sea.
  • An anchor on it's own.

Meaning of tea leaves placements of an anchor

Top of teacup: Anchors that appear at the top of the teacup suggest you have become dependent on other people in connection to business matters. As this is featured at the top of the teacup and it is a sign that things are likely to progress and become better. The positive mood is to listen to a capability and happiness in both love and business interests.

Bottom of teacup: An anchor near the bottom of your teacup indicates that there may be a sense of instable ability in regards to relationships. Don't try to overcome problems by ignoring them, you need to face the challenge with optimism. At the bottom of the cup, it indicates that you’ll find a solution to a problem. A situation which has been causing you grief will soon be over. Some friends will be very helpful.

Dots around anchor: hard work is indicated.

Side of teacup: this shape indicates that you're going to have a business venture that you need to decide if it is worth following through. This may also indicate possible travelling by water.

Near handle: If this symbol appears near the handle it indicates good luck and pleasant situations with others.

Elsewhere: see the interpretation outlined in the first paragraph.

At the bottom of the cup, success by water.

At the top, constant love.

ln the middle, surrounded by dots, a voyage.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012