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Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

To see the shape of an almond in your teacup suggests social gatherings.

This symbol indicates a season of good luck will follow. However, if this symbol is present at the bottom of your teacup it will mean the drinker is unprepared in the future.

More than one almond inside the teacup predicts short-term struggle.

The advice in ancient tea leaf reading dictionaries dictate that you need to be careful of those around you and to prepare for a surprise.  If the almond is at the top of the teacup this forecasts prosperity and fortune as the result of a journey outlined by the lines.

To see more than five almonds is a warning of some danger from an enemy. To see any of the lines broken then you may encounter minor delays.

Detailed meaning of seeing an Almond symbol featured in your teacup

In your teacup you may have:

  • Observed the almond symbol in the tea leaves.
  • The almond is flying in your teacup.
  • The outline of an almond symbol.

Meaning of tea leaves placements of an almond

Top of teacup: to see an almond positioned at the top of the teacup usually suggests there is a powerful feeling that you are likely to reach new heights. The general symbol can mean career advancement and the closer the symbol is to the top of the teacup the quicker it will happen.

Lines are broken: if the almond lines are broken within your teacup it indicates that you need to be a more forgiving in family gatherings. It also suggests that you will have good fortune and this fortune will be limited. There is an indication that you need to burn up abundant energy during the day's work.

Bottom of teacup: for an almond to be featured near the bottom of the teacup as previously outlined in the introduction, means there is a lack of preparation for future events. Also, there is a tendency to feel extremely inferior to other people during social gatherings. A lack of ability to carry a share of responsibility in relationships is apparent. Sometimes you worry too much which then leads to a depressed state of mind. The difficulty in sustaining these relationships are because of your own dissatisfaction with others . As the almond appears near the bottom of the teacup the personality traits can be worked upon. More imaginative ideas are required to channel yourself positively in social situations.

Side of teacup: if the almond features at the side of the teacup then you will seek the opinion of others.

Near handle: if the position of the almond is featured by the handle of the teacup this is a positive omen, indicating that positive changes are on the horizon.

Cloud and dot symbols: If the almond is surrounded by dot's this is a positive omen and is associated with reaching new levels of opportunity. If the tea leaves feature many dot's then the message is that you need to experience hope and try to have a more passionate approach to life.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012