alien tea

Uncover hidden tea leaf meanings

An alien featured in your teacup indicates you that you’ll find some money that will enable you to start a business you’ve been thinking about.

It can signify a friendship or romantic relationship with someone who is quite unusual.

This kind of mark may also suggest that it will not cost anything to produce ideas about your long term future. Significantly, this omen is actually beneficial and means that you are planning to prosper emotionally along with materially. If you see the alien to the side of your teacup than the indicates that you are going to involve some problems soon.

Just be sure that you utilize your own needs first. If you notice many aliens in your teacup the image could be related to inception. Perhaps it's about time to think of the best way to improve your current circumstances for the greater good?

Old fashioned tea leaf dictionaries signify that the alien symbol means that your determined endeavours will likely be rewarded. A new humble beginning is going to do you well in life. If the alien is actually beside another symbol this can denote happiness.

In summary, to view this image inside your teacup is extremely beneficial and it is probable that you're planning to get pleasure from life.

With your teacup you may have:

  • Identified an Alien symbol.
  • Witnessed an outline of the alien symbol.

Detailed interpretation to see an alien in your teacup

Top of teacup: to view an alien at the top of your cup represents a predicament involving the prospect of a new transformation. Alien's can often be references to an alternative life force or there is something significant in your own life. It is important to look towards the top of the particular teacup, to see what this symbol implies. There is a chance that times are going to be difficult in the future.

Lines tend to be damaged: If the symbol is broken this suggests that you are likely to incorporate some success in the future. The way that you approach conflict is vital to how you will respond to life. If the alien's has eyes in your teacup, then this means that you almost never comprehend exactly how hard it's to break a bad habit.
Bottom of teacup: for the alien to be presented towards the bottom of your teacup is a recommendation to tell you to slow down in life. Brand-new opportunities and also brand new starts will happen soon.

Side of teacup: an alien featured at the side of the teacup shows that you are likely to have excellent health in the years to come.

Near middle: the closer to the particular middle of the cup signifies that you'll probably enter in to some problems in the future. This really is more than likely to appear within the next two months. Lack of money will effect family members.

Small alien: in the event the alien appears on the rim of the cup means that you will be blessed with a new job in the future.

Large alien: a large alien in your cup points to the fact you will be able to anticipate money making ideas, and that you keep trying to impress people at work.

By Florance Saul
Oct 20, 2012